David's Delicatessen

David’s Delicatessen is a marketing assignment for a local food catering service that specializes in Ketogenic diets but mainly fun food that's healthy and tastes good too.


The overall goal was to give David's Delicatessens a brand look that was fun, colorful, and vibrant because eating healthy doesn't have to be miserable. This ambiance would reflect the interior of the restaurant itself by the customer being greeted with modern design accompanied by natural greenery.

Graphic Design


David's Delicatessen strives to be a well-known natural food provider that serves customers all over Long Island. Their target demographic is those who wish to enrich their lives through tasty, healthy, and natural food consumption. Location is based within a 5-mile radius of physical fitness centers that make it accessible and easy to get to for their consumers.

Pricing: The behavior of our customers describes an influx of people between 6 AM-9 AM. Prices will be lower during those key hours and the prices go back up after happy hour.

Promotion: During the social media design process, I would market the campaign to attract the attention of customers by creating a virtual personality to go with the Delicatessen. David's Delicatessen promotes itself with its energetic and go-getter attitude. Much like their customers, they like to get a head start on our day and their brand's virtual personality reflects that.