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Marriott Bistro: Limited covid menu

Problem: The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Hospitality industry hard. The CBRE (the leading hotel experts) predicts that 2020 will have been the worst year on record for hotel occupancy, due to stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, quarantines, and consumers’ ongoing fear of contracting the highly contagious virus.

Due to the pandemic, the Farmingdale Marriott shut down its Bistro restaurant for 3 months thus leading to a significant drop in sales. Guests who were traveling and staying at the hotel found it extremely difficult to find somewhere to Dine-in during their stay. When dining resumed, it was open for only breakfast and included a limited menu. Unfortunately, they were not able to get new menus, and their marketing team was too busy to come up with a proper design for the menu. So they proceeded to create a menu in Microsoft word leading to the rather unflattering menu you see on the left.

Solution: With the help of the marketing team and various office managers, I was able to produce a new Bistro breakfast menu that exceeded the projected expectations. By researching Marriott branding trends in their food department and competitor advertising, I was able to redesign the breakfast menu in a way that was both informative, legible and visually interesting.

Additionally, during the finalization of the project I worked with a local printer to ensure that page size, paper stock, and color were all correct according to specifications.



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